King Tut Mystery Deepens As Metals, Organic Material Detected Behind Tomb Walls

King Tut Mystery Deepens As Metals, Organic Material Detected Behind Tomb Walls

Reeves believes the hidden chamber is Homes for sale in bethesda md the long-lost final resting Bethesda Md Homes for Sale place of Queen Nefertiti -- and that if she's in there, the chamber and its treasures have likely been untouched by grave robbers.

Not everyone is sold on this idea, however.

"There is not a 1 percent chance Reeves' theory is correct," Zahi Hawass, the country's former antiquities minister, told the Telegraph in December.

"Mr Reeves sold the air to us," he was quoted as saying. "I confirm that there is nothing at all behind the wall."

In addition, Live Science reports that the Valley of the Kings is notorious for tripping up radar readings with false positives that look like walls and tombs.

"There are fissures, seams of chert and gypsum, and voids in the bedrock known as karsts," radar specialist Glen Dash said, according to the Homes for sale bethesda md website. "They are so common that there was really no place in the Valley that we did not encounter them."

But experts who've reviewed the scans say the data is solid.

Remy Hiramoto, a specialist in semiconductors and microelectronics, told National Geographic that there's "a non-natural occurring chamber or cavity on the other side of that wall."

"Based on the signatures that are in the data, there's a void, and there's definitely something Homes for sale in bethesda maryland that's within the void," he said. "There's something in there."

A National Geographic team will perform a second set of scans in the tomb later this month. Eldamaty, the antiquities minister, will then have to decide what to do next.

The problem with reaching whatever is on the other side of the wall is that the wall itself is a priceless work of art.

Last year, Eldamaty told National Geographic that they may be able to drill a small Bethesda Md Homes for Sale hole in a nearby wall and send a camera through -- but if it reveals artifacts, getting access to them won't be easy and may even involve removing the entire painted wall in Tut's tomb.

The next news conference is scheduled for April 1.

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